Is travel for workers’ comp. medical treatment covered in Colorado?

by Patrick Spencer February 28, 2014
Travel reimbursement receipts for your workers' comp. claim

Q: I’m having knee surgery done in Vail CO. I live in Silt, CO (81 miles away). My doctor is requiring me to stay in Vail for a minimum of 5 nights so they may monitor progress and follow their physical therapy routine. That leaves me with $1000 lodging expense plus meals. I’m hoping I don’t get stuck with the […]

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Patrick Spencer Joins WCEA Board

by Patrick Spencer February 24, 2014
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I have been asked to serve on the board of the Workers’ Compensation Education Association (WCEA). For years, the WCEA has been a strong advocate for injured workers in Colorado. The WCEA is made up of attorneys specializing in workers’ compensation law. Each attorney only represents injured workers – not insurance companies or employers. I have been a member […]

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Am I Being Watched?

by Patrick Spencer February 19, 2014
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Workers compensation insurance companies and defense lawyers in Colorado often use private investigators to follow injured workers to try to catch them doing things that are inconsistent with their doctor’s restrictions. If you have filed a Colorado workers’ comp. claim, you should assume that you’re under surveillance. Investigators will follow you from your house to […]

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What medical information do you have to give the insurance company?

by Patrick Spencer November 2, 2011
don't sign blank medical releases

Q. “My workers’ comp insurance company is asking me to sign medical releases and has asked for a list of doctors I’ve seen, even ones I saw before my injury. Do I have to give it to them?” A client asked us: I received a packet of papers to fill out, such as the incident report, […]

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What’s the difference between an IME and a DIME?

by Patrick Spencer July 14, 2011
IME or DIME in Colorado

In Colorado, there are important differences between an IME, or Independent Medical Exam and a DIME, or Division Independent Medical Exam. An IME can be performed by any doctor. Either you or the insurance carrier can send you to a doctor for an IME to get additional information about things like: your condition, whether your injury is […]

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