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Social Security Disability

If Social Security tries to cut off my disability benefits, what can I do?

You should appeal immediately.

If Social Security tries to stop your benefits, appeal immediately

Appeal your notice right away.

If you appeal within 10 days after the date of the letter notifying you that your disability benefits are being stopped, you can get your benefits continued while you appeal the decision cutting off your benefits.

You may also want to talk with an attorney about representation on your case, but you should file the appeal immediately so that you can keep your benefits going.

Keep in mind that there are two deadlines and two things to appeal when you get this type of notice:

  1. If you do not tell Social Security that you want to continue your benefits within 10 days your benefits will stop.

  2. You also have only 60 days from the date of the cut-off letter to appeal and ask that the benefits be reinstated.
When your benefits are being cut off, it's usually because of a Continuing Disability Review (CDR). Read more about CDRs.


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