What Have Clients Said About Us?

Many thanks to the following clients for sharing their experience of working with us.

A thank-you note from a client’s therapist:
“I could not be more excited for Ms. P.! And I want you and the firm to know how much I (and Ms. P., too!) appreciate all of your kindness, patience, and compassion for her with this. Reaching out and asking for help was an enormous obstacle for her, and your gentle treatment of her was so incredible. This could not have happened without all that you did for her. Should I ever encounter this situation again, I will be sure to refer to Spencer and Spencer. You all treated her with dignity, and she was not ‘just a client’ to you–she was a woman, a human, a person worthy of respect. You and the firm have given her hope and a chance to start rebuilding her life. Thank you all so much!” -Erin N. Fowler, M.A., L.P.C.

“Dear Patrick-Given my familiarity with lawyers and the law, I know the best part is helping others to achieve fairness (or justice). It never occurred to me that I would not be able to be my own advocate or that I would be a victim. It took a lot of work to find you and the process was slow, frustrating and irritating. Finally, the majority of it is over. I could not have achieved this outcome without you. I appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, sage advice and support. Thank you very much.” -C.R. (Workers’ Compensation client).

“Thank You So Much for all your help this past year! We could’ve never got this turned around without your expertise! You’ve certainly made a difference in our lives! … We’re Very Appreciative” -B.E. (Social Security client).

“Patrick- I know you are a man of action and have done a lot to help the injured workers in Colorado.” -C.T. (Workers’ Compensation client).

“Thank you all for your labor and diligence on my behalf. It means so much to me (and my family) that you believe me. Thank you from me, my family and all other people with invisible, disabling illnesses. I know you all are capable of practicing high profile, lucrative law, but you don’t. You help people like me.” -C.H. (Social Security client with a multi-year appeal).

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